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Jackie's Story

I was diagnosed with Relapsing Polychondritis around 5yrs ago (2013) and I have it in both my ears and nose.   My nose started around 2yrs ago with redness, pain and constant cold like symptoms.  It was a struggle to breathe at night.  Over the years it has collapsed to a classic saddle nose.   


Two months ago, I asked my ENT Doctor’s if there was anything that could be done to reconstruct my nose.  The Surgeon didn’t seem worried that I was still having flares but advised that they usually used cartilage from the ear or rib which wouldn't be suitable with RP.   There was only one option; Formulae One Drivers apparently have a metal nose plate over their nose to keep it open whilst driving.  The Surgeon was willing to place one of these plates under my skin to aid my breathing.  This was not just cosmetic but also an aid to breathing!  I left a very happy lady!  :)


On 29th March 2018, I had the surgery as a day case. The operation took about forty minutes and all went really well.  There was some bleeding after and I have to use a saline solution daily for the next couple months.  I was also given some antibiotics to aid recovery as I am also on Methotrexate.  


At the time of writing, yes its sore, swollen and there is some bruising but I can breath so much better!  Here are some before and after pictures of my nose.  I’ll update them in a couple of months time when the bruising has calmed down.

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